typedoc-plugin-404: Create a 404 Page for TypeDoc Generated Docs

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This plugin generates a 404.html at the root of the documents generated by TypeDoc. 404.html is a location for storing the 404 page that are recognized by web hosts such as GitHub Pages and GitLab Pages.

npm install --save-dev @8hobbies/typedoc-plugin-404

Pass --plugin @8hobbies/typedoc-plugin-404 when invoking the typedoc command:

typedoc --plugin @8hobbies/typedoc-plugin-404

Or add the plugin to your typedoc.json file:

// typedoc.json
"plugin": ["@8hobbies/typedoc-plugin-404"]

This plugin recognizes a page404Content option in your typedoc.json. You can specify custom content that shows up in the 404 page:

"page404Content": "This page does not exist.",
"useHostedBaseUrlForAbsoluteLinks": true

The default value is "404 Page Not Found". The content can be HTML. The content is always wrapped with "<div class="404-content"></div>" in the HTML output.

"useHostedBaseUrlForAbsoluteLinks" is required, otherwise user visiting non-existent pages in subfolders will not retrieve the right asset paths.

Alternatively, check out this blog post for a detailed tutorial.

TypeDoc by default uses relative asset paths. TypeDoc 0.25.x doesn't have the useHostedBaseUrlForAbsoluteLinks option, therefore, you will need to replace asset paths in 404.html with absolute paths, otherwise user visiting non-existent pages in subfolders will not retrieve the right asset paths. For the default theme, this can be achieved by:

  1. Installing replace-in-files-cli:

    npm install --save-dev replace-in-files-cli
  2. Run the replacement after typedoc. In your package.json file:

    "scripts": {
    "doc": "typedoc && replace-in-files --string '=\"assets/' --replacement '=\"/assets/' docs/404.html"

The document of this plugin itself is a live example. Visit its 404 page or type in a random path from that domain to check out.

Source code is available on GitLab.

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